Leeds Escort:

Name: Pippa
Genger: Female
Telephone: 07580441442
Classification: White British
Type: Independent Escort
Nationality: British
Age: 26
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5ft8
Hair: Brunette
Bust: 32DD
Dress Size: 8

RATES: Incall Outcall
30 mins £ £
1 Hour £150 £150
2 Hours £280 £280
3 Hours £410 £410
4 Hours £450 £450
Overnight £650 £650

Pippa is something a little special. Let us try and explain why! Pippa has an amazing body, standing at 5 ft 8, with lovely long toned legs, and smooth skin. She also has an ample 32DD busom and long glossy hair. Fresh faced, Pippa glows with health and has a natural beauty about her. Her appearance is immaculate too. Pippa favours designer brands to capture her elegance and has an array of tailor-made dresses, cocktail dresses, designer suits and fabulous designer heels such as Jimmy Choo and Gucci. We know you are starting to get the picture now. Pippa went to an all-girls school and has a lovely, slightly posh, accent and is obviously well educated and articulate. As well as being stunning, Pippa is also bright as a button and amazing to talk to. She is fascinating to be with and very refreshing. Pippa's hobbies include horse riding, dressage and fine dining. Pippa also loves travelling and has been to OZ, USA, Kenya, Thailand and the Caribbean to name but a few exotic places. An adventurous girl, Pippa has also been on safari, trekked through the jungle and ziplined. And as if that is not enough to take in - Pippa offers an adventurous, open minded, passionate girlfriend experience. Pippa puts her whole heart into everything she does so rest assured you will be her number one priority for satisfaction at all times. A truly amazing girl, give us a ring and arrange to spend some quality time with Pippa and see for yourself that little bit of something special that Pippa has to offer. Bunnies x Photos taken July 2014 Pippa's Playpen Pippa has a lovely incall apartment in Leeds, just opposite the train station.